older and wiser, guin, gob

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older and wiser, guin, gob

Post by wesw »

i wonder if they still read here from time to time...

sorry for being a dick to you gob....

sorry for disappointing you guin...

sorry for not being nice to people, oldr.....

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Re: older and wiser, guin, gob

Post by BoSoxGal »

wesw we have a long-standing glitch on the board wherein posters will get an error page after attempting to submit a post; if you resubmit you end up with double posts, or in this case, with double threads. Best workaround is to backup to previous page and refresh to get updated post without causing double entries.

There is probably a way to fix this with the help of the software geeks, but we currently don’t have an active administrator to help with that.

Just fyi on the glitch.
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