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Image Re-sizing Tool?

Post by Econoline »

(Quote from here.)
Bicycle Bill wrote:I post to another site ( and they have a forum there that is powered by phpBB as well.  This site does have a tag (like img, URL, font, youtube, etc) for "image size" — [imgsize=].  When you use it, the poster inserts the dimensions at which he desires the image to be displayed.  For an example, take RayThom's oversized image above — which measures a whopping 2,639 × 1,836 pixels.

Now, let's say you wanted to reduce that by a factor of 5 (in other words, 20% of 'actual' size).  You would just use the "imgsize" tab and insert the pixel dimensions you wanted the picture to be displayed, so you would end up with a tag that would look like this —
[imgsize=528,368](*the desired image url*)[/imgsize]
(the first number is horizontal measure; the second number is vertical measure)
— and it would resize the image to the same dimensions as this:


(note that the image I'm using as an example is already sized at 528 x 368; I just found a random image of the appropriate size and posted it for display purposes only)

Sure we can always do the "hold down the control key and scroll" or "right-click and hit view image", but by posting a smaller image to start with it may hold down on bandwidth and the length of time it takes pages to load.  So perhaps maybe Gob or whoever is in charge of this board can see about enabling that tag and adding it to our tool kit.
Econoline wrote:YES!

Please! Gob, RB Daisy...if this is an option, we need it!
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Re: Sticky board suggestions page!

Post by Gob »

Don't loo at me, if you want a functioning board, I'll keep my hands off the controls.

Maybe RB can do something, if you ask her very nicely the next time she pops in
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Re: Sticky board suggestions page!

Post by wesw »

don t loo at me either..., yuck!

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Re: Sticky board suggestions page!

Post by MajGenl.Meade »

Gob wrote:Don't loo at me, if you want a functioning board
Not even if you're on fire? :shock:
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Re: Sticky board suggestions page!

Post by TPFKA@W »

Kinky bitches.
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Re: Sticky board suggestions page!

Post by Crackpot »

Maybe we we should rename this sub-Forum "Board News and Suggestions" To avoid confusion among certain denizens of this place.
Okay... There's all kinds of things wrong with what you just said.

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