Dining out again

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Long Run
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Dining out again

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After not eating at restaurants for a couple of years (and only getting take out), occasional sit down visits to eateries have revealed a couple of epidemics that have attacked the restaurant industry. The first is the misuse of the nearly 30 year old QR code technology to try to force patrons to look at menus on line, rather than the no-tech physical menu that works much better than trying to figure out an expansive menu on a tiny phone screen. This was likely propagated under the mistaken belief that COVID is spread by touching stuff, but that misunderstanding ended nearly two years ago for anyone paying attention.

The second annoyance is the reluctance of some restaurants to give up on the paper straw experiment. Yuck, is the tactile response to these awful creations. And has anything stupider ever been sold than a paper straw in a plastic wrap? This genuflection came about as a response to a real problem -- gobs and gobs of plastic in the oceans -- by offering a non-solution (sorry Gob for dragging you into this). I have used thousands of plastic straws, and everyone I know has used innumerable plastic straws, and every straw has ended up in the garbage and transferred to the landfills (though it is possible that the sock gremlin has branched into plastic straws). If a restaurant thinks it is making a "difference" by eliminating the microscopic contribution to plastics, fine; but if they're going to offer a straw, make it a straw someone wants.

On the upside, for the restaurants still going, workers are back and doing a great job overall. People are paying a more realistic cost of providing prepared food and have a better understanding of what it takes to make that convenience/treat possible, at least that's my experience.

Big RR
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Re: Dining out again

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I, too, hate those menus which you access through a QR code; I think you're right to how they began, but now I think the menus are used because they can easily change prices daily (or even more often, without much problem.

Straws? I generally avoid them (especially the paper ones)--I'm just as happy to drink out of the glass/cup.

ETA: One thing I read recently about QR codes is that there are people going into restaurants where they are stuck on the table and applying their own code over it as a sticker; the new code can get them into your phone (which many people now use for banking, etc.) and provides convenient access by prompting them to click to download the menu (most people will do what they are asked without thinking); the author recommended to void the QR and get the menu form the restaurants website. Just another reason to hate them for me.

Burning Petard
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Re: Dining out again

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I guess Northern Delaware has too many luddites. Never been in a place with QR code only menus. I have an Apple iPhone 13, but I have never scanned one of those codes for anything. I did get fed up with a local McDonalds that only took orders over their electronic menu stations. Took just too long to get "one Senior coffee, black" I have learned to use the electronic only order terminals at Royal Farms to get their fried chicken. Mostly because it is handier geographically than other chicken fast food places. At Chick Filet the wait is horrible, but people still do it.


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