Third millennium problems

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Third millennium problems

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"If you don't have a seat at the table, you're on the menu."

-- Author unknown

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Re: Third millennium problems

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Re: Third millennium problems

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Just think about the awkward connections that happened on Ashley Madison. Daddy, is that you?
For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.
~ Carl Sagan

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Re: Third millennium problems

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Women, don't spread your legs for every swinging dick that come along — and men, keep your pecker in your pants.
Problem solved.
Yes, I suppose I could agree with you ... but then we'd both be wrong, wouldn't we?

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Re: Third millennium problems

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I suppose one way is to set one's age filters in a way that doesn't include other generations. Or at least one's own kids ages. Of course if a 20-30 year age gap is what someone is looking for, that's gonna be an issue.

Not exactly a new problem, the technology just evolves.
Death is Nature's way of telling you to slow down.

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Re: Third millennium problems

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Not a problem for liberals; identify as a dog and join a canine dating site. Plenty of your fellow Americans are out there to show you the ropes. Get on your knees, raise your hips, and howl at the moon. America is going to the dogs.
I expected to be placed in an air force combat position such as security police, forward air control, pararescue or E.O.D. I would have liked dog handler. I had heard about the dog Nemo and was highly impressed. “SFB” is sad I didn’t end up in E.O.D.

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