National Prayer Breakfast

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National Prayer Breakfast

Post by RayThom »

A great Freudian slip by my president, Lord Dampnut. He just can't help himself if he's not using a teleprompter.

What a National Embarrassment. The whole world's watching... and laughing their asses off.

And God help us all.

“In a world whose absurdity appears to be so impenetrable, we simply must reach a greater degree of understanding among us, a greater sincerity.” 

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Joe Guy
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Re: National Prayer Breakfast

Post by Joe Guy »

I’m especially proud of our country’s historical abolition of civil rights. We need to make America great again.

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Re: National Prayer Breakfast

Post by Scooter »

I must missed the part in history books where it said that it was "people of faith" who uniformly opposed slavery against atheists who presumably supported it, or where it said that the opposite was true of civil rights.
White privilege is a thing.

What goes on in a woman's uterus is none of your fucking business.

Equal rights for others does not mean less rights for you. It's not pie.

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Re: National Prayer Breakfast

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We stayed up for Steven Colbert's first half hour last nite. I had already heard about this wonderful prayer breakfast and seen the actual footage.
When the clip was shown, my wife was S H O C K E D ! She could not believe Trump is that mentally incompetent. She thought the clip had to be rigged.

No, it was not Yes, he is.

"When we open our hearts to faith, we fill our hearts with love" POTUS should try this sometime.


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