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I just returned from a short road trip that took me into Wash DC Radio land. There I heard a piece of a Senate hearing on the latest bill to expand 'gun background checks." I have frequently repeated a cliche about 'why don't they just enforce existing laws?' I was reminded of that thought as a witnesss was questioned about that stuff.

This week I also heard another radio interview explaining just that: Most of this stuff comes under the purview of the BATF. They have rarely had a real Director during its entire existence. The pro-gun crowd kills every appointment. They also are drastically under-funded for enforcement. I don't remember the exact time frame, but it was said that during a period when 12,000 gun purchases failed the background check, 12 (that is TWELVE) were prosecuted. 12,000 confessed felons, their location fully known (at the gun shop next to the telephone) and a trivial number are prosecuted. The actual BATF employees who are supposed to inspect gun dealers are not allowed to carry badge or gun. Compare their total number with the number of gun stores and one could reasonably expect a gun shop to be inspected once every ten years. In 1963-64 I worked in a sporting good store whose major sales was guns and ammo. I talked to some of the other employees when I began working there. They told me the gun transfer records had never been inspected. About 15 years later I went back to visit the place again and some of the same people were still working there and still, never inspected.

That background check involves the prospective purchaser filling out a long form with lots of stuff about things that cause one to be prohibited from the purchase. If any of the wrong things are checked, the gun store rep simply hands back the form and says "Sorry, but I can't sell anything to you." The buyer signs the bottom of the form, just below a statement that the signer understands that if anything on the form is not true, they have committed a felony and are subject to federal prosecution. Only if the form looks good does the seller call the phone number that does the background check.
EVERYONE ONE OF THOSE REJECTED SALES MEANS there was information on the public record that was contrary to what the buyer stated. And only 12 were actually prosecuted. The BATF does not have the resources to make the arrest for this documented felony. Wayne Lapeer likes it that way.
Sort of like a long, straight patch of 4-lane highway with no entrances or exits, a 65mph speed limit and everybody knows the traffic cops never patrol it.


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