The War on Christmas Has Begun

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The War on Christmas Has Begun

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A Dallas Bar Has Banned Mariah Carey's
'All I Want for Christmas Is You'
From Its Jukebox
To some people, the winter holidays don't start until you hear the tinkly opening notes of "All I Want for Christmas Is You" on the radio.   That harbinger seems to arrive earlier each year.   On November 1, 2021, Mariah Carey marked the beginning of the season by violently smashing a pumpkin.

But not everyone is eager to see the unofficial queen of Christmas assume her throne.  As Food & Wine reports, the Stoneleigh P bar in Dallas has banned "All I Want for Christmas Is You" from its jukebox until December 1st — drawing backlash from Carey's fans and the singer herself.

The Dallas bar has taken a stance against the classic Christmas song for the past three years.   In late October 2021, Kyle Smith shared a sign outlining the policy on Twitter.   The notice, taped to the bar's jukebox, reads: "MARIAH CAREY'S ALL I WANT FOR CHRSITMAS [sic] IS YOU WILL BE SKIPPED IF PLAYED BEFORE DEC 1."   When December arrives, Stoneleigh P still plans to regulate the earworm.  The flyer continues: "AFTER DEC 1 THE SONG IS ONLY ALLOWED ONE TIME A NIGHT."

The incendiary message got the internet's attention.  One Twitter user shared the original picture with the question:  "is this the war on Christmas I've heard about?"   Even Carey caught wind of the controversy.   She took the mention of the war on Christmas as a call to arms and tweeted a picture of herself in armor on a battlefield.
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But why stop with just upsetting the fans of that song, or of Mariah Carey in general?   I suggest they replace it with "Baby, It's Cold Outside".   That oughtta really cause a blow-back from someone or another.
Yes, I suppose I could agree with you ... but then we'd both be wrong, wouldn't we?

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