Back to the Future?

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Bicycle Bill
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Back to the Future?

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The Jetsons debuted almost 60 years ago, in 1962.

Promotional materials at the time said it took place exactly one hundred years in the future.   So this means that the adventures of the space-age family was set in 2062.

Now, in an episode that aired in December of 1962, George is told by a doctor that he should live to be 150.   George replies that he has 110 good years ahead of him.   That makes George Jetson 40 years old in 2062 — and if he was 40 years old in 2062, that means he was born in 2022.   Some sources, such as Wikipedia, specify the exact date as August 27, 2022; others put it somewhat earlier — the entry for George Jetson on the Warner Brothers wiki sets his birthdate as July 31st 2022.

Now, let's work backwards.   For humans, the time elapsed between conception to birth is roughly 270 days or 9 months... so if we count back nine months from August 27th, 2022, we arrive at — (ta-dah!) — November 27th, 2021.

This means that not only are George Jetson's parents alive today, but sometime this weekend, in between the turkey dinner and the last of the leftovers, they are going to get busy....
Yes, I suppose I could agree with you ... but then we'd both be wrong, wouldn't we?

ex-khobar Andy
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Re: Back to the Future?

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COVID spare time growing heavy in your hands, BB?

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Sue U
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Re: Back to the Future?

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My siblings and I were all born in the last days of August/first week of September. Since we didn't do Christmas, our parents didn't go shopping on Black Friday.

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Long Run
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Re: Back to the Future?

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Thanks for breaking that down for us BB. One of the better intro songs of that era.

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