Goodbye Charlie and thank you for the music

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ex-khobar Andy
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Goodbye Charlie and thank you for the music

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So many of them died before their time: drugs, suicide, murder, car crash, airplane accident, drowning - you name it. A Stones fan since 1963; and Charlie somehow never had the adulation as a musician that fell to Mick, Keith, Brian, Mick Taylor, Ron or even Bill Wyman.

My favorite story about Charlie, confirmed by Keith in his book. Late one night, a drunken Jagger was calling out: "Where's my fucking drummer?" As I said, it was late. Charlie got out of bed; shaved; put on a suit; and went to find Mick. And punched him on the nose. "Don't ever call me your fucking drummer again. You're my fucking singer."

Harmony was restored.

Big RR
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Re: Goodbye Charlie and thank you for the music

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Love that story. Charlie was one of the best drummers ever; and, apparently, a pretty good social worker as well. RIP Charlie, and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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