A "Smart Water Bottle", anybody?

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A "Smart Water Bottle", anybody?

Postby Bicycle Bill » Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:11 pm

These Smart Water Bottles Run on Solar Power
and Remind You When It's Time to Drink Up

The suggestion that people need to drink eight glasses of water per day is a long-held myth.  While it’s important to stay hydrated, the amount of water you should consume on a daily basis depends on many different factors, including your age, sex, weight, activity level, and even your location.

A 24-ounce, double-wall insulated smart bottle called the Hydrade can help you figure out exactly how much water your body needs, then send reminders to your phone or other electronic device when it’s time to drink up.  It pairs with your phone, health apps, or wearables like the Fitbit or Apple Watch.

Unlike other smart water bottles, though, this one is completely cord- and battery-free.  It has a built-in solar panel that lets you charge it naturally when you step outside for a run or hike, and a single charge can power your bottle for up to 20 days.  However, it also charges when exposed to any type of illumination—even indoor lighting.

In addition to knowing how much water your body needs, its sensors can also tell whether you’re drinking the water or pouring some out for your dog.  The maker, Bazaarian LLC, says the Hydrade Bottle keeps beverages cold for 22 hours, and hot for up to 13 hours.

The bottle is made of dishwasher-safe, BPA-free stainless steel, so it’s eco-friendly and recyclable.  There’s a charitable side to the business, too.  Depending on your personal level of water intake, Bazaarian will donate a set amount of money to a charity that supports clean water initiatives in developing countries.  You can track both your charitable donations and your hydration logs via the app.
(great ... more of your personal data that someone else is going to have access to ... )

Get the Hydrade Bottle on Kickstarter now for $35—a 53 percent discount off of the retail price.
(which means they expect people to pay something like $75 EACH! for these bottles once they hit the market ... )

Seriously?  A solar-powered water bottle that's going to nag me via cellphone or my D⃥i⃥c⃥k⃥ ⃥T⃥r⃥a⃥c⃥y⃥ ⃥T⃥w⃥o⃥-⃥W⃥a⃥y⃥ ⃥W⃥r⃥i⃥s⃥t⃥ ⃥R⃥a⃥-⃥ — sorry, my smartwatch — to take a swig?

I think this is proof that the "Internet of Things" is getting completely out of hand.  What's next?  "Alexa, I'm done pooping.  Wipe my butt, please?" ... and it not only does but then analyzes your physical well-being on the basis of the stool sample it collects?
Yes, I suppose I could agree with you ... but then we'd both be wrong, wouldn't we?

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Re: A "Smart Water Bottle", anybody?

Postby Joe Guy » Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:39 pm

Smart toilet paper?
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Re: A "Smart Water Bottle", anybody?

Postby ex-khobar Andy » Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:26 pm

Well you can get a smart toilet:


It comes with its own remote control. The mind boggles.
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A "Smart Water Bottle", anybody?

Postby RayThom » Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:47 pm

The "iPoop", maybe?

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