Snapping turtle nest in my front yard!

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Snapping turtle nest in my front yard!

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Went out early this morning with the dog and saw there was a female snapping turtle digging a nest and then laying eggs in the yard!

It took her a couple of hours to complete the process, then she headed for the edge of the yard where there is a retaining wall and a drop to the driveway, so we worried she might fall wrong and crack her shell. I donned my heavy duty gardening gloves (SO glad I did!) and picked her up by the shell at the back over her back legs as the Google advised. I relocated her across the driveway to the top of the meadow where you could still see her approach track in the meadow going down to our drainage ‘pond’ where she lives primarily. She’s headed home now.

In the process of snapping turtle research I found this page which has good videos but this one really a must see:

I was raised up to fear snapping turtles, so it’s very cool to learn that they are actually quite docile and even friendly in the water. I will attest that on the land they aren’t so docile - had I not been wearing thick gloves, my hands would have been shredded by those back feet so badly I’d probably be at ER right now getting many stitches. ... 00%20years.
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Re: Snapping turtle nest in my front yard!

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Re: Snapping turtle nest in my front yard!

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Have seen both kind in ponds and small streams here in Northern Delaware--but no alligator type in about 20 years. Never thought about that before.


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